Home Price Projections Pop–Despite Decades-High Mortgage Rates. Cause to Celebrate?

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Results from the latest (Q3) edition of the Home Price Expectations Survey are now available. The survey was conducted by Pulsenomics July 31 – August 14th. A notable takeaway: the significant shift among our panelists recently in their outlook for 2023 U.S. housing market performance. The quarter-to-quarter change in near-term home price expectations (+3.7 points) is…

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Expert Panel Weighs In on Fed Policy

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In the most recent Pulsenomics panel survey of more than 100 economists and market experts, respondents shared their views re: the Fed’s monetary policy options and when they expect the next U.S. recession will begin. The survey data were collected May 9th-May 23rd, well in advance of this afternoon’s Fed announcement. Here’s a summary: Nearly…

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Home Price Expectations Tick Up–But Consensus Is Elusive

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The results of the latest (Q2) edition of Pulsenomics’ Home Price Expectations Survey have been released, and they reveal that most of our expert respondents have become less downbeat about the 2023 outlook for U.S. home values. The survey data were collected May 9th– May 23rd. The mean of all 109 responding panelists’ expectations indicates…

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100+ Forecasts for U.S. Home Prices & Rents

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Last week, Zillow announced the results of the latest Home Price Expectations Survey conducted by Pulsenomics. In addition to updating their projections for nationwide home prices through 2026, our expert panelists shared their outlook concerning how U.S. house values will change relative to residential rent prices, stock prices, and headline CPI inflation. First, let’s take…

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Economic curse words (nine letters, not four)

  In the most recent Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, we asked over 100 expert panelists to weigh-in re: their expectations for (CPI) inflation and economic recession in the U.S.  The survey was conducted over a two-week period ended May 9th. The I-word: Inflation During the survey field period, the latest (March) CPI print was…

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Great (Home Price) Expectations

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Every quarter for more than 12 years, at least 100 members of an expert panel managed by Pulsenomics participate in the Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey to predict the 5-year future path of U.S. home prices and weigh-in on topical concerns pertinent to residential real estate and mortgage markets. In every year since the survey’s 2010 inception,…

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Most experts: U.S. recession to start before the end of 2020.

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The latest edition of The Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, conducted by Pulsenomics, was released this morning. In addition to their home price outlook, our expert panel members also weighed-in with their expectations for: Home-buying demand through next year The factors expected to impact near-term home-buying demand The durability of our record-long U.S. economic expansion…

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2018 Crystal Ball Award-Winners

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In every year since 2010, Pulsenomics has recognized the most accurate and reliable forecasters of U.S. home values with one of our Crystal Ball Awards. More than 100 experts who participate on our Home Price Expectations Survey panel vie for the honor by predicting the future path of the Zillow Home Value Index over a…

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Downside Risk Signals in US Housing

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According to the Q4 2018 edition of the Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey released yesterday, U.S. home prices are projected to increase at an average 3.8 percent rate in 2019–down from an expected 4.2 percent a few months ago. (These data are based upon responses from 114 members of an expert panel managed by Pulsenomics). The…

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