Home Price Projections Pop–Despite Decades-High Mortgage Rates. Cause to Celebrate?

Results from the latest (Q3) edition of the Home Price Expectations Survey are now available. The survey was conducted by Pulsenomics ...
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Expert Panel Weighs In on Fed Policy

In the most recent Pulsenomics panel survey of more than 100 economists and market experts, respondents shared their views re: ...
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Home Price Expectations Tick Up–But Consensus Is Elusive

The results of the latest (Q2) edition of Pulsenomics’ Home Price Expectations Survey have been released, and they reveal that ...
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What a Difference a Year Makes… in the Outlook for U.S. Home Prices

What a difference a year makes in the outlook for U.S. home prices. Here are some observations from data collected ...
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Experts Share Metro-Level Home Price Forecasts for 2023

For the first time in the 14-year history of Pulsenomics' quarterly Home Price Expectations Survey, we asked our panel of ...
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100+ Forecasts for U.S. Home Prices & Rents

Last week, Zillow announced the results of the latest Home Price Expectations Survey conducted by Pulsenomics. In addition to updating ...
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Economic curse words (nine letters, not four)

In the most recent Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, we asked over 100 expert panelists to weigh-in re: their expectations ...
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Great (Home Price) Expectations

Every quarter for more than 12 years, at least 100 members of an expert panel managed by Pulsenomics participate in ...
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2022 Inflation Outlook

If price increases this year for homes, rents, energy, and food each exceed wage growth – as our expert panel ...
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2020 Crystal Ball Award-Winners

Every quarter, more than 100 members of an expert panel managed by Pulsenomics participate in the Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey to ...
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