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Most experts: U.S. recession to start before the end of 2020.

The latest edition of The Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, conducted by Pulsenomics, was released this morning. In addition to ...
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Shiller: Households showing “healthy optimism”

According to the latest edition of the U.S. Housing Confidence Survey (HCS), households expect home values will increase by an ...
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2018 Crystal Ball Award-Winners

In every year since 2010, Pulsenomics has recognized the most accurate and reliable forecasters of U.S. home values with one ...
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Renters’ Home-buying Sentiment Turns Negative

The latest update to the Pulsenomics Transaction Sentiment Index (TSI) shows that home-buying sentiment nationwide is continuing its multi-year downward ...
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Downside Risk Signals in US Housing

According to the Q4 2018 edition of the Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey released yesterday, U.S. home prices are projected to ...
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Experts Expect a Record-Breaking Expansion

The Q3 2018 edition of The Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey--conducted by Pulsenomics LLC via a panel composed of more ...
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Housing Market Shift

In addition to providing an update to the five-year outlook for U.S. home values, the Q3 2018 edition of The ...
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Housing Confidence: Still Growing

  JPMorgan Chase has just announced a partnership with Pulsenomics on a newly-expanded suite of U.S. housing market indices. From ...
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Experts Predict U.S. Recession in 2020–and that Fed Policy will be the Trigger

One-half of the experts surveyed by Pulsenomics in its most recent panel survey expect the next U.S. recession to begin ...
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Economic Eclipse

Last summer, Pulsenomics asked an expert panel of economists, investment strategists, and real estate analysts to weigh-in with expectations re: ...
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