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Millennials, Californians High on Housing

The latest Zillow Housing Confidence Index (ZHCI) reveals that homeowner expectations are higher than they were two years ago in ...
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U.S. Housing Confidence Proving Resilient

An index derived from the January 2016 edition of The U.S. Housing Confidence Survey shows that confidence in the residential real ...
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Expectations for Home Values Fading

Data from the latest installment of The Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey indicate that most of the 104 expert respondents ...
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New Construction Double Jeopardy: Land & Labor

Sales of newly built single-family homes have struggled to recover to pre-recession norms, and single family construction activity overall has ...
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Leaders & Laggards in U.S. Housing

As the U.S. housing market recovery has progressed, home values are responding to local economic conditions rather than broader national ...
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Long-term outlook for U.S. home values dims

The long-term outlook for U.S. home values has diminished to a three-year low, and a clear-cut consensus among the experts ...
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The Housing High (and Comedown?) in Denver

Data from the July edition of the U.S. Housing Confidence Survey of 10,000 households (HCS) and the Zillow Housing Confidence ...
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Households Ditch The Rear View Mirror

Real estate is a notoriously inefficient asset class. One symptom of market inefficiency is price inertia, a hallmark of housing ...
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Lower Expectations Dent Housing Confidence

According to the vast majority of 10,000 heads of household who participated in the latest U.S. Housing Confidence Survey conducted ...
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The Cost of Rent Control is (Still) Too Damn High

Some U.S. cities are evaluating or implementing new rent control regulations to curtail rapidly-rising rising rents and worsening rental affordability. For ...
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